More than 7500 individuals ready to be polled at any time.


Research participants who can be questioned at any time, selected according to their socio-demographic characteristics, their media consumption and their frequentation of places of consumption. This innovative solution provides extremely detailed pre-information and can be activated at any time for almost any media or marketing project.



A solution for mobile interviewing


Mobiligo collects people’s opinions in real-time, enabling the capture of buyers’ feelings and thoughts at the very moment the media content is consumed or at a live event, etc. Mobiligo brings the study into the heart of the experience and moment of consumption. Available on all browser-enabled mobiles, Mobiligo is ready for use and requires no other installation by the consumer.

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Proprietary methods aimed at immersing the individual into near-real life conditions. The simulated real conditions serve to put the individual at the center of the study and make him an active participant in the process of gathering information. These protocols go beyond traditional projective approaches by putting respondents in relevant contexts.


The first measurement of digital display effectiveness.


Iligo has developed Digiscore, a specific methodology to measure the impact of out-of-home digital advertisements and provide a normative database for evaluating the effectiveness of campaigns



The measurement of external communication effectiveness.


Adscore is a solution for assessing the effectiveness of external advertising campaigns. This specific methodology enables a precise diagnosis to be made of campaign performance through the measurement of :

  • Recall of an advertisement
  • The attractiveness of the creative execution
  • The intention to act
  • But also specific criteria relatIng to brand image

This measurement over time has allowed us to create a normative database against which to compare succeeding campaigns.



Measurement of the impact and influence of different touch points on a brand and its target consumers.


To determine the best opportunities for contact between the brand and the consumer in a given category, iligo developed unique proprietary approach called Marketing Touch Score(MTS).


Marketing Touch Score examines the interaction between individuals and brands by analyzing the efficiency of all marketing activities above and below the line, media or non-media. Its analyses allow clients to maximize the ROI of marketing and communication strategies.


MTS studies enable clients to :

  • Determine the most effective marketing levers for a given category of products
  • Identify all effective touch points
  • Classify them in terms of impact and purpos
  • Identify brand marketing levers
  • Examine current use of these touch points
  • Compare them to the same touch points in used by rival brands within the same category of products



Measurement of the ROI of each market lever.

The construction of a database combining the history of the variable to be explained (sales for the most part) with the history of all potential variables (weather, advertising, CRM, promotions, number of outlets, etc.).


By means of complex statistical analysis, it is possible to quantify the values (or not) of each lever.


Iligo founder, Olivier Goulet, launched and managed Omnicom France’s econometric practice, formerly called OMD Metrics, now Brand Science. He later moved to WPP where he started its French econometric unit, Ohal.



This is a biannual barometer that tracks consumers’ perceptions, technology usage patterns and their reactions to the new screens and associated technologies.


The increase in screen options and in the number of hours spent online raises questions as to the nature of this new relationship between the French and technology. The various devices do not compete with one another. Rather, they can work synergistically to enhance the consumer’s appreciation of content thus creating opportunities to optimize marketing messages across media.


To gain a better understanding of these developments, iligo created the Barometer of Multi-screen Usage. The first stage of this study, in March 2011, concentrated on digital tablets. Succeeding biannual barometers were conducted focusing on connected TV and social TV in October 2011 followed by a third study which looked at interactivity between the media and the different screens in October 2012.




Proprietary metrics which measure engagement.


How is the link between an individual, a brand, a media or a practice to be measured and quantified? We believe that engagement cannot be adequately measured using a single criterion, iligo has therefore developed an Engagement index which is a hybrid measurement tool that considers both rational and emotional aspects of engagement.


Tested since January 2011 via a number of quantitative and qualitative protocols, the Engagement index has been put to use in more than twenty cases studies. This database makes it possible to draw general conclusions with regard to variables which drive engagement.