Étiquette : AR

What is your complex carbon emission ?

By ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil, one of the biggest oil company in association with the ER developer Groove Jones, have developed an innovative and necessarily application that enables to visualize complex carbon data in the aim of reducing CO2 Emissions.

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Adults with kids’ voices

By Haribo

Haribo is back with its famous “Kids’ Voices” TV campaign which invites people to use AR lens on the social network Instagram that gives the impression of speaking with children voices.

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Be a model with Zalando

By Zalando

Zalando installs immersive augmented reality posters in Paris and give an opportunity to appear in an interactive gallery that can be seen in the Concorde district.

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The Fire Performance

By Burger King

Burger King created a new AR campaign to give a special performance of the rapper Lil Yachty during the 2020 edition of the MTV VMA’s.

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