• Agency : Cheil Worldwide
  • Place : Jeju, South Korea
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  • The Jeju Tourism Organization runs the Jeju Tourism Information Center to guarantee a pleasant and comfortable stay on Jeju.Jeju Island is known to many as one of the most picturesque places in South Korea with designated UNESCO World Heritage sites.
Objective / insight
  • As going abroad has grown increasingly challenging, Jeju Island has become an even more popular road trip destination for South Koreans because to Covid-19. Around 87 percent of visitors to Jeju travel by auto, with an increasing percentage of safety-conscious tourists preferring socially separated travel in their own vehicles.
Implemented strategy
  • Slow Road proposes a total of 50 alternative routes that connect renowned sites with lesser-known picturesque sites in seven different regions, each with a unique theme that embodies Jeju’s multifaceted beauty. Each route has five to eleven waypoints to provide a diverse range of picturesque routes to appeal to a variety of demographics as the seasons change, as well as the added benefit of minimizing traffic congestion on the island’s main roads.
  • Eun-Sook Koh, president & CEO, Jeju Tourism Organization, said: “We developed Slow Road campaign to raise awareness about the diverse beauty of Jeju Island, and to help safe travels by guiding travelers to different parts of the island while dispersing tourist population that were usually concentrated in only a few famous attractions. Since a large portion of the local economy relies on tourism, we hope this campaign will also help balance development between regions by broadening tourist attractions.”
Technology implemented
  • Developers analyzed 65,000 different areas of interest using big data, then cross-referenced with data from social media and online searches via demographics, weather, time, and other factors to create unique vacation experiences.
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