ChatGPT, a new tool for your marketing campaign

  • Agency :
  • Place : Brazil
Advertisers :
  • McDonald’s is a worldwide fast-food chain famous for its large choices of menu featuring burgers, fries, breakfast, soft drinks, and desserts. McDonald’s is a mainstay in the fast-food sector because of its reputation for reliable quality, affordability, and convenience. The brand invented franchising, which helped it quickly grow all over the world. They worked on this campaign with that took place in Brazil.
Objective / insight
  • In what ways can artificial intelligence be utilized to improve a company’s marketing plan and produce a unique, entertaining campaign that stands out?
  • With McDonald’s in Brazil as an example, we will witness it. Even in the campaign’s images, McDonald’s looked for the ideal approach to investigate artificial intelligence while maintaining simplicity and emphasizing ChatGPT’s response. Even ChatGPT believe that the Big Mac is the most iconic burger in the world. An effective advertisement that demonstrates how AI can be used to create effective campaigns that combine technology and creativity.
Implemented strategy
  • The campaign consisted of a typography poster made by ChatGPT that was shown on a billboard in Brazil, sparking an AI advertising battle between the giants of the fast-food sector. The poster’s response to the question « What is the most iconic burger in the world?” featured font colors inspired by the layers of a Big Mac, along with a lengthy and flattering justification of the reason why.
Technology implemented
  • McDonald’s and agency used ChatGPT, an innovative Ai created by OpenAI, in a creative marketing effort to generate conversation about the most recognizable burger in the world.
  • As a result, this novel strategy, which highlighted the Big Mac’s ingredients and history through an eye-catching design, provoked reactions from rival fast-food chains Burgers King and Subway and sparked a creative dialogue between them.
  • Each of them wanted to prove how iconic their famous products are.
  • Burger King reacted with the exact same strategy and typography by asking ChatGPT “And which one is the highest?” and placed its billboard next to McDonald’s. The AI’s answer was “Burger King’s WHOPPER” which was of course beneficial to Burger King.
  • Subway also AI-generated a billboard to vaunt the size of its “Footlong Sub” which is “significantly bigger” than its competitor sandwiches.


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