Étiquette : Augmented Reality

What is your complex carbon emission ?

By ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil, one of the biggest oil company in association with the ER developer Groove Jones, have developed an innovative and necessarily application that enables to visualize complex carbon data in the aim of reducing CO2 Emissions.

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By Xiaomi

To compete in the smart glasses market, Xiaomi decided to extend its business by creating full independent glasses of your phone, called Xiaomi Smart Glasses

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To discover in an innovative way BMW car, the group launch BMW Virtual Viewer, a tool using Augmented Reality to see a range of Plug in Hybrid vehicles.

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Adults with kids’ voices

By Haribo

Haribo is back with its famous “Kids’ Voices” TV campaign which invites people to use AR lens on the social network Instagram that gives the impression of speaking with children voices.

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Gucci dresses our feet

By Snapchat

Snapchat has partnered with the luxury brand Gucci in its first sponsor campaign since the launch of its new augmented-reality feature. It allows Snapchat users to try 4 pairs of shoes from Gucci through the app.

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Design your own Air Max

By Nike

After successful attempts from Nike to interact with their global consumers through AR experiences such as the “Graffiti Stones”, Nike made another try by partnering with AKQE in Japan to make a to-draw magazine so that Nike fans can create their own versions of Nike Air to be seen in the application.

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In-Video Advertising

By TF1 Pub / Mirriad

TF1 Pub, in partnership with the British start-up Mirriad, commercializes the In Video Adevrtising, which is a new technological solution that revolutionizes the traditional product placement. The solution allows brands to insert visual elements such as products, logos or posters directly in a TV content, for instance TV show or movie. On the contrary of the classical product placement, in video advertising technology is applied once the TV show is shot and edited.

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By Burger King

In Brazil, fast food restaurant chains’ advertisings are everywhere, most of them are from Burger king’s direct competitors. Burger King wanted to hack the competition by leveraging its brand’s biggest signature : the fire. The brand encouraged users of its mobile app to point their camera to rival’s ad (print, coupon or billboard), then they will see, through augmented reality, rival’s ad turning into fire. After the ad is burnt away, a Burger King ad will replace the original ad, and the user will receive a free whopper at the nearest Burger King.

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Pocket Patrol

By Samsung Australia

Australia is known as a top beach destination the world over, however, every year thousands of people get caught in rip currents and drown. Sadly, 69% of Australians cannot identify rip currents. Samsung decided to team up with Surf Life Saving Australia to develop Pocket Patrol – a first of its kind app that displays exact positions of live beach dangers.

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