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  • Place : U.S.A
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  • Heinz, the famous ketchup brand, is known all over the world, restaurants, and supermarkets. This American company is best known for its sauces, as well as Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise. However, this brand also diversified itself with a lot of variety of sauces. It was 150 years ago, in 1869, that Henry J.  Heinz started its production by using his mother’s horseradish sauce, under the name of Catsup. It became a guarantee of quality, especially thanks to its secret recipe made with fresh sun-ripened tomatoes. Moreover, Henry J. Heinz also decided to use transparent bottle to highlight the quality of products.
Objective / insight
  • Frustrated to half-used ketchup packets and used a lot of packages to sauce the fries? Today, it is over, Heinz found the solution and offer an innovative product: the Pack Roller. The advertising catchphrase is “100% sauce extraction for 100% sauce satisfaction”. Useful to avoid losing a single drop of sauce in the package.« Our pouches bring magic to mealtime, no matter where people grab their burgers and fries. But extracting every drop is no small task. We designed the Heinz Packet Roller to give fans a whole new way to enjoy their favorite condiment and ensure that last drop never goes to waste again. » – Ashleigh Gibson, Heinz Brand Manager
Implemented strategy
  • This innovation did not arrive by hazard. During the COVID-19, there was a high demand of ketchup packets. Therefore, a ketchup shortage hit restaurants. To counter it, Heinz decided to create the Packet Roller to avoid wasting, and that everyone takes too many packets.
Technology implemented
  • This packet roller is like a key ring, with the same form as a ketchup bottle. “There are two slots, one has a blade to open the sauce packets more easily (without exploding), while the other allows them to pass and push their contents out. It is the white cap of the bottle that controls this mechanism”. Simple technology.
  • The Packet Roller is now available on the Heinz’s website shop at $5.70 USD. It can work with a variety of sauces.


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