By Petz
  • Agency : Ogilvy Brazil
  • Place : Brazil
Advertiser :
  • Petz is a chain of pet shops in Brazil
Objective / insight
  • When it comes to pet marketing, brands have increasingly bypassed owners to go straight to the dogs (and cats). For example, Purina made outdoor ads that released pheromones triggering pooches to take a wee on them.
  • Now, the Brazilian pet retailer Petz wants to put shopping decisions directly in the paws of furry friends with Pet-Commerce, an online platform that lets them decide what should go in their e-carts.
Implemented strategy
  • The one factor that can help pet owners understand the needs of their pets in a more comprehensive manner is a way to communicate effectively with pets like dogs and cats. The Brazilian pet retailer Petz has come up with a solution by way of Pet-Commerce, a site that can help pet owners understand at least the shopping needs of their beloved dogs.
  • When the dog watches the video which demonstrates the product, the shopper’s webcam will read its reactions to interpret whether it likes the product or not.
  • If the dog responds positively to a product, the site will automatically place that item in the shopping cart.
Technology implemented
  • The team has categorized thousands of facial expressions from different dog breeds.
  • According to the position of their ears, mouths, and signs of relaxation or alert, the team trained an artificial intelligence activated by facial recognisation.
  • Then the site has also an unique UI/UX for dog. Unlike for the human version, the team has taken into account the canine vision into this browsing experience. The audio frequency in the video has also been adjusted so dogs can hear the sound better.
  • 95,6% positive mentions on media
  • $3,1 million earned media
  • +236% of site traffic
  • +103% of time spent on site
  • +57% of sales


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