Revive, the digital beauty consultant

  • Agency : N/A
  • Place : Finnland
  • Revive, a Finnish start-up transforming the way consumers discover and choose beauty products online
Objective / insight
  • Online sales of beauty products have a very high growth potential. They reached 8% in the USA in 2015; a 50% increase compared to 2011
  • Revive therefore decided to develop a digital beauty consultant, available online through a chatbot or an app, and offline in retail shops
Implemented strategy
  • Revive ask the consumers to provide a selfie and to answer a few questions about skin color, age and skin type
  • An artificial intelligence then analyses wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and other skin/beauty attributes
  • According to the results, different personal care and beauty products are suggested to the consumer
  • Augmented reality then enables consumers to see the effects the suggested products should have
  • The digital beauty consultant is available through the Revive app, on Facebook Messenger and in partnering retail stores
Technology implemented
  • Large databases have been analysed to implement a facial recognition system, as well as an artificial intelligence
  • Augmented reality is used to help consumers imagine the effects of the beauty products
  • An app and a chat bot have also been developed
  • 88,701 selfies analyzed
  • 465 032 products recommendations delivered
  • +150% conversion rate, +18% retention rate, +35% basket sizes when online consumers use the digital beauty consultant
  • 30 different companies have already chosen to work with Revive, including two of the top ten global beauty brands